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Stonework and Restoration

Priest Stonework & Restoration specialise in all aspects of building cleaning.

With proper consultation involving architects, surveyors and engineers, a correct specification can be agreed making tendering easier and keeping the client fully informed.

Prior to commencing any cleaning works, many aspects are considered such as materials, type of soiling, extent of deterioration and the local environment.

Great care is taken to select the appropriate cleaning method, either by gentle water washing, chemical brick cleaning, wet and dry grit blasting incorporating more technically advanced systems such as Jos and Doff. Specialist cleaning techniques include paint removal
and pouticing.

We are also able to provide a cleaning and refurbishment service to all types of flooring, such as marble, granite, limestone and terrazzo


Credit Suisse
Balfour Palace
George West House
Cabot Square Cabot Square
Westferry Circus Westferry Circus
Westminster City Hall Westminster City Hall
Aquascutum Aquascutum
Balfour Place Balfour Place
Royal Brompton Hospita Royal Brompton Hospital
Langham Hotel Langham Hotel
George West House George West House
Kingswood House Kingswood House
Somerset House Somerset House

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